The Strongest Person I Know

In a few short weeks I will be making the trip up to Montana to visit my grandparents. I’ll be traveling on my own, but I will be meeting up with my parents once I get up there. It’ll be nice to spend some time with my family and Montana is gorgeous in September, but I’m more excited to see my grandma Marilyn.

 photo HOWARTH0086.jpg
Earlier this year my grandma was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer; Peritoneal Cancer. The peritoneum is the membrane that forms the lining of the abdomen. It covers the uterus, bladder, and rectum and produces a fluid that helps organs move smoothly inside the abdomen.  Because the peritoneum is composed of lymph and blood, the cancer can spread rapidly and travel to other vital organs.

For years my grandma has experienced discomfort and an upset stomach that just wouldn’t let up. Finally a blood test confirmed there was high levels of a chemical linked to gynecologic cancers. She has had surgery to remove tumors and a series of chemotherapy to help prevent the cancer from progressing. Because the cancer is so rare, they do not have a prognosis and there is no cure. All they can do is wait and keep checking the progression of the cancer.

As a family, through all of this, we have been emotional roller coasters, but I am 100% in support of her and her decisions. She is the strongest person I know. She has accepted this diagnosis and continues to live her life each day. Her and I are in complete agreement that it’s the quality of life and not the quantity that matters and she would like to continue living it without the hardships of chemotherapy. I hope she finds some solace that I am on her side and am being selfless in my decision to support her. She has always been a role model in my life and much of who I am comes from her. The only words that come to mind when I think of her are vibrant, laughter, peace, love and tolerance. She has always called me her angel, but in reality, she is my angel. She is an all-knowing presence in my life and a spiritual center.

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This trip is so much more than a vacation. It will be an important opportunity to take advantage of our time together as a family. I will continue to keep positive and keep her in my prayers. I have always believed in the power of positive thought so I ask that anyone who comes across this post will send positive thoughts and prayers to my grandma and her continuing battle. I am so very thankful I will have the chance to hug and kiss her soon.

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