Lazy Dog Days

Happy Saturday everybody!

I hope it’s as great as ours is so far!

This weekend Andy and I are proud parents of this Monster:
 photo 1173813_10101240823406955_1169308793_n.jpg

His name is Montana… but you can call him Monty and he is a french bulldog.

No, he isn’t ours… we are just dog sitting for our good friends Valerie and James. But it gives us some dog love and he keeps us on our toes. He joined us on our weekly walk to Starbucks this morning and made a lot of friends along the way. He is kind of an attention whore!

Now he’s joining Andy and I in rooting on our Eastlake Little League team in the U.S. Championship game!


 photo 64511_551746331541518_340636835_n.jpg

Could this day get any better? Yea, how about my awesome boyfriend bringing home some delicious Manzanita Red AND prepping for our delicious dinner on the grill?!?!?

 photo 1234123_10101240823297175_1777169784_n.jpg

Today will be a good one for sure.

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