Back to School Season

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It’s that time of year again.  The beginning of the school year. I should probably clarify something before I continue this post:

No, I’m not currently in school nor do I have kids of my own.

So now that is clear, you must be wondering why I am even wasting my time writing about this. Well, unless you are living under a rock or without technology, it would be hard to not be reminded that school is about to begin.
1. The radio and TV is full of ads geared toward being the coolest kid in class for having the best whatever they are selling.

2. Parents relieved that summer is officially over and they can get rid of their kids for 6 hours a day.

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3. Facebook is filled with pictures of kids in backpacks holding their homemade lunches.

4. The malls and stores are filled with kids dragging their parents around to get the newest school supplies, accessories and the latest clothes.

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Don’t get me wrong, I was DEFINITELY that kid growing up. I had an official first day of school picture throughout my grade school years and I always needed a new outfit for the first day back. I had brand new backpack, binders, pens and notebooks. As nerdy as it sounds, to me, it was the best time of the year.

I always get nostalgic during back to school season. These days, the only reasons I can come up with to buy notebooks is to show some character at work or keep around the house to jot notes in. I find myself buying planners that I don’t really need because, lets face it, I don’t have enough going on in my life to have to ‘pencil things in’! Yes, I may not be a student anymore or have kids, but I still fully take advantage of as many “Back to School Sales” as I can because who can turn down a discount?

The truth is I miss school. There was something exhilarating about the first day of classes. Seeing all of your friends, finding out who would be in your classes, all the new faces of people who could potentially end up being your friends,  and looking your best while being completely aware that after a week or two you wont have the time or energy to care anymore! photo a1fd89e5.gif  photo e600ad96.gif

But I think my absolute favorite thing about the beginning of the school year was having something to look forward to and the hope for something new and exciting. That first day you get a syllabus in your hand and you see how the entire year is going to play out and at the same time you are getting your bearings and start to plan socially how the year will be as well. They are both the best and worst times of your life, but school is where your building blocks begin and where you learn so many life lessons with the comfort of a safety net.

I’m not sure if I will have the opportunity to go back to school and get my graduate degree, but one thing I do know is I will always celebrate the “Back to School Season”. I will shop the “Back to School Sales”, continue to purchase planners for no good reason, and one day I will be that parent that counts down the final days of summer for a few hours of peace and freedom the school season will hold. photo funny-kids-back-school-happy.jpg
Until then, I will try to incorporate that feeling of the first day of school into my daily life; with hope and excitement for the future.


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